Find balance with your lifestyle, mind & meds.

Levl helps you discover what works for you with your mental health. Levl is not about reaching higher, further or even better. It is about achieving a level that works for you. It is about finding balance.

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Find your level,
and stick to it.

Levl’s smart device and app work together to help you safely take your meds and motivate you to stick to your routine. Levl securely stores your meds and dispenses only the right dosage at set times while also helping you to track your mood and your progress.

Explore how it works

How Levl works

Simply set up the device with the app, and it will safely dispense only the right medication dosage at the scheduled times. Once set up, the device will be locked so you don’t have to think about it again—until you get a nudge when it’s time to take your meds.

Take the right dose at the right time.
Track mood, symptoms, and side effects.
Keep a streak to unlock awards and insights.

Goodbye pill bottle.
Hello Levl.

Peace of mind
for parents.

Levl equips parents with scientifically-backed tools to help their teenager take control of their mental health and their medication by themselves – safely and consistently. With its security features, Levl empowers parents to remotely monitor their teen's progress while offering them the freedom and accountability they naturally crave.

more than just a PIll dispenser

Personalized Support For Your Mental Health

Managing your mental health alone can be really tough, and nobody’s journey is identical. As you keep track of your own experience, Levl provides individual support, and the right dosage—giving you more control over how you feel.

Check-ins &

Automatic check-ins and reminders take “Did I take my meds today?” out of your mind.

your moods

Keep track of how your meds are making you feel and how it relates with your medication.

Safely take
the right dosage

Your meds stay securely stored and  only dispensed at the right times - nothing more, nothing less.

Feel motivated to stick to your level

While managing your mental health can be exhausting, Levl is designed to keep you motivated—rewarding you for your progress, and making your experience a lot more fun! The app gives you scientifically-backed insights into your meds, badges, and awards to celebrate the great work you’re getting done.
Celebrate your wins with streaks, badges, and awards.
Add your family or care team to get notified of your progress.
Learn how your medication has been affecting your health.

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